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Welcome to our new Website

Welcome to our new website
Welcome to our new website
If you are reading this you have obviously reached the Face of our new Website.

Which is an old one anyway bearing in mind that it is designed to look like a Forties Newspaper.

We hope you can understand why we feature our images in black and white. Do not let that put you off. The minute your cursor is on any one of them, they turn Full Colour and you are automatically transferred to today’s looks.

There is a noisy telephone number that rings once, as soon as your cursor touches it. Again this is the old Telephone ring tone no longer around. And have you noticed how the Date of our Newspaper is always updated?

The Fourteas goes Forties in every way.

We invite you, our guest to write to us with whatever comments you want to make about our Services and Products. We promise we shall not serve your tea cold if your comments are not totally favourable. We know we are perfect, but as human beings some things may have slipped our attention. We count on your understanding and full support to eliminate errors!

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